Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Multi Lingual Street Sign

In Penang, these multi lingual street signs are not simply to indicate the direction or the name of the place, but they are more to be the icon of a multi racial country and the recognition of multi culture. Now, the city is more colourful, the enrichment of the multi culture may undoubtedly enchance the honour of World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO .

Even though I could not read every of them, but they attract my full attention. They are interesting, I am proud of them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Voice of UM former VC (video clip)

Malaysia first female VC has had her service been terminated after the end of two and a half years of appointment. Her effort on reformation and re-branding UM to world class university had successfully promoted the ranking of UM from 246 (in 2007) to 230 (in 2008). However, her outstanding performance could not award her to have the contract renewed, she was axed without proper explanation.

Below is the interview with Rafiah Salim by Malaysiakini

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

End of Sem 3

Despite having a distressed semester, at last the burden carried for 4 months was unloaded. To utilize the 2 months break, first i may recharge my exhausted spirit, soul, heart, and mind. Throught the semester, hardly i could sleep before 12am. Occasionally i am only able to sleep for 5 hours which was unprecedented. I was so tired and sleepy especially i did not have much time for sports.

This time, i shifted my spare time more on reading and following current issues such as US general election, global financial crisis, social issues, politicking, development of industry, battle of F1 championship and etc. I found they are more interesting than any others. Without them, i may be soaking in hot water. I could not imagine the effect caused besides spelling "D I S A S T E R" if the accumulated stress and pressure explode abruptly without any sign and signal.

Do you watch Discovery? I collected many series of them. They opened my eyes and mind, i admire those who are able to work intimately and the working environment constructed is superb. They cope with pressure and stress as the force to push them to stride farther for success. How and when only i could experience such circumstances? Let's watch Discovery channel with popcorn.