Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Dosage of Stimulant Injected

On last Saturday 18/10/2008, it was the 32th convocation in Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PKKSSAAS), UPM. My sister was one of the fresh graduate. Even though i did not attend in the hall, but i could imagine the atmosphere while she was receiving her graduation certificate. Instead, both of my parents were invited into the hall. I am proud behalf of her, she was a first-class degree graduate, i consider her as the role model. However, i will not set any results to myselves to eliminate unwanted stress, pressure and psychosis that may bring negative effects on my study as well as growing process.

Secondly, on 23/10/2008, while i was revising for the next day exam at night, i received a call where i was shocked to read the number appeared. It was strange and long, for sure it was not local call. Before this, i only answered calls from Chinese, but they were prank or fraud calls with malicious motive. Once i picked up the phone and heard the caller's voice, i could never be wrong to identify him, he was Mr.Azrin, from UK. I am so grateful to receive his caring phone call, it spur my spirit especially during this crucial moment where i have my final exams. Thank you for your encouragement, i really appreciate it. I promise to make my best effort, let the results to speak for the rest.

p/s : i was disturbed by the blasting music generated around my room, luckily tomorrow is weekend, otherwise it will be terrible.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Responsibility and Partnership

On 14/10/2008, CCSE Clubs held a AGM along with a simple Jamuan Raya. I presented to the function upon invitation because lately i was about to cut down my daily expenses, practicing grass and dust eating days.

However, i was nominated for presidency during the club election. All in the sudden, i was not prepared to defend the post. To brief, i was not elected but a vice presidency was decorated to me. The responsibility, mission and duty were transported to me. A new, gigantic, and hardy challenge perhaps. I could not simply be inactive, i got to construct a potent bond with the committee, to popularize the club, and most importantly is to spur the interest of CCSE students to participate dynamically. We should awake from hibernation, this is the ground and platform for CCSE students to perform and boost the reputation of CCSE.

Affendi, the reigning president, the committee and i are going to work mutually in harmony to build a better future and provoke the latent potential of CCSE. Thankz to the support of my friends specially the person who nominated me by appreciation.

Please supervise me if i am heading to the wrong way, rectify me by guidance to fulfill the goals, vision and the duty requirement.

Your cooperation is much more desirable.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fever on Photography

On rare occasions, I have the scarce opportunity to capture the close up of a butterfly in my house. Photography seems to be another healthy entertainment to me where i take my initiative to learn the behavior of electronics devices (CMOS, CCD, TTL, ADC), software editing, (Photoshop, Ulead Macromedia Flash), and imaging skills(ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, focal length, and etc).

I have the great interest in photography, because camera is my eyes. I started my photography imaging since 2005 with a invest of RM1.5k on a first ever AF assist camera phone, SE K750i that is still working excellently to satisfy my minimum requirement. After a year of experience, i invested another RM1.5k on the body of a high end compact digital camera, modeled by Panasonic, FX01. To date, it services me with an approximate of 8000 shutters count within 2 years. However, in 2007, i found several restriction and limitation on it. It has been under functioning to meet my expectations. Thus, i need a better gadget to prolong my photography journey to amatuer level.

I have been glancing on DSLR camera since last year. Currently, i hope to own Canon EOS 40D/50D or Nikon D90/D300 with several expensive lens. I plan to get one as late by this semester break and hopefully this time i may get the green light from my beloved parents as well as the subsidy.

C&C are welcome for the above picture.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Halt derogation

I refer to the news from Malaysiakini entitle Furore over racist blog posting to mirror the stereotypical view is still prevalent after 51 years of independent. In my humble opinion, this incident is relatively as disappointed as the immigrant issue. Irrelevant to the race of person expressed such irresponsible comments, she is tertiary educated and just graduated in newly branded - the only APEX university.

There are many factors to be considered before finger pointing to the person who commit in petty crime. Furthermore, accusation should be regardless of races. Grudging apology is not the best solution to revert the utmost damage caused by malign remarks. They should be ceased after the incident of ahmad, but some people are inspired and they inherit the character of him.

This incident is not the tip of the iceberg, i believe it surrounding us daily. To play the role as a Malaysian, friend, family member, or otherwise, we should neither encourage nor tolerate this kind of event to savage our racial harmony that might lead to social unrest. Should we rectify the attitude of ourselves in advance, then we influence the others with great morality.

Personally, i was embarrassed triply, firstly as a Malaysian; secondly, as an identical community member; thirdly, as an alleged Mahasiswa.