Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Photog Station

First page

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to browse my photo on my Flickr regularly. Please comment and criticize to boost up my creativity and innovation. I am learning at this moment, so your voice may be beneficial to sharpen my skills. Also, if you do have any relatives recruit photographers for wedding or events, please recommend me. I would like to accumulate the shooting experience in prior while getting fund for other equipments.

Your support is very much appreciated.
~Merry Christmas~


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Online Trading

My first ever online trading was very smooth. I purchased a bag for the use of laptop and camera from a member in shutterasia forum who are from JB. I had my fund transferred by CIMB clicks. The reseller provided a good service and packed the item nicely and fast sending the item to me within 48 hours by poslaju. Item received in excellent condition.

Item purchased : Bagman Snapshot Trekka
Date of purchase : 15/12/2008
Received date : 17/12/2008
Postage by : Poslaju

Pictures of the item:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Falling to the Dark Side

Start up

After 6 weeks of enough reading reviews, fed up asking users opinion, and testing the camera in several shops, eventually, I broke my misery to choose either Canon 40d or Nikon d90 as my first start up into photography while in the future, as an investment.

Photography is an expensive hobby, if you pay peanuts, you get monkey. Luxury gadgets produce perfect optic quality and high satisfaction to user while moderate apparatus could only yield so so output, but best enough for beginner like me.

After spending one day playing with the body, i found that it is not easy to control the setting, i upgraded from pns camera to dslr camera. In pns camera, photo is captured by the aid of 2.5 inch LCD screen and without chances to use OVF (optical view finder). But now, i must depend on OVF to shoot photo, what i see is what i get. However, the colour, the brightness, the exposure, are not obvious, they are very much dependent to the setting such as shutter speed, aperture, white balance, iso and other factors. If i were to use live view on the camera, it responds much slower than a pns camera in terms of AF. To short, live view function is not practical for shooting moving objects and i only use it for HD 720p movie recording only.

There are many differences to get used to. For instance, the huge size of the body, the weigh of the body, the inconvenience to change lenses when shooting is in process, the tendency to be poisioned to upgrade for better body or lenses that lead to dust and grass eating days (bubur is expensive nowadays). I was advised not to use auto mode to shoot unless i want to throw money into sea by learning nothing besides to be lazy. As a beginner, i started to use P mode (programmed mode, only shutter and aperture is auto controlled, other is decided by user), soon i found that i have much to discover.

I never regret of getting poisioned, because i take it as an investment. Thankz to my father who is so generous to sponsor me finally, after i had nagging hard for past few weeks, otherwise i will not have the opportunity to play with it.

My wish list (updated on 14/12/2008) :
1. Bag that fit my camera and laptop (within 3 days)
2. speedlite sb-900 (before going back to collage)
3. 70-300mm vr, 50mm F1.8 (before cny)
4. cny clothing (if only anyone sponsor me)
5. visit to NZX, ara damansara
6. More to come, more to discocver, more to zoom


Monday, December 1, 2008

Smile of the Universe

The night is outshone by a smile, but the world is not peaceful. Terrorism in Mumbai, India is the newest attack massacred almost 170 of lives.

Meanwhile, the unrest in Bangkok, Thailand is another tragedy that
attracted the concern worldwide.

Demonstrators of anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has occupied the Suvarnabhumi airport for 5 days. The consequence is huge and the loss is incalculable, causing instability to the country.

However, situation is worsened when pro-government demonstrators were also on street to show their support. Furthermore, on 30th nov 2008, 51 anti-government protesters were wounded in several explosions.

In view of these chaos, i am so grateful to see the smile of the universe, once in a blue moon. The journey ahead is unpredictable and cloudly.

Tomorrow is mysterious.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Multi Lingual Street Sign

In Penang, these multi lingual street signs are not simply to indicate the direction or the name of the place, but they are more to be the icon of a multi racial country and the recognition of multi culture. Now, the city is more colourful, the enrichment of the multi culture may undoubtedly enchance the honour of World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO .

Even though I could not read every of them, but they attract my full attention. They are interesting, I am proud of them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Voice of UM former VC (video clip)

Malaysia first female VC has had her service been terminated after the end of two and a half years of appointment. Her effort on reformation and re-branding UM to world class university had successfully promoted the ranking of UM from 246 (in 2007) to 230 (in 2008). However, her outstanding performance could not award her to have the contract renewed, she was axed without proper explanation.

Below is the interview with Rafiah Salim by Malaysiakini

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

End of Sem 3

Despite having a distressed semester, at last the burden carried for 4 months was unloaded. To utilize the 2 months break, first i may recharge my exhausted spirit, soul, heart, and mind. Throught the semester, hardly i could sleep before 12am. Occasionally i am only able to sleep for 5 hours which was unprecedented. I was so tired and sleepy especially i did not have much time for sports.

This time, i shifted my spare time more on reading and following current issues such as US general election, global financial crisis, social issues, politicking, development of industry, battle of F1 championship and etc. I found they are more interesting than any others. Without them, i may be soaking in hot water. I could not imagine the effect caused besides spelling "D I S A S T E R" if the accumulated stress and pressure explode abruptly without any sign and signal.

Do you watch Discovery? I collected many series of them. They opened my eyes and mind, i admire those who are able to work intimately and the working environment constructed is superb. They cope with pressure and stress as the force to push them to stride farther for success. How and when only i could experience such circumstances? Let's watch Discovery channel with popcorn.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Dosage of Stimulant Injected

On last Saturday 18/10/2008, it was the 32th convocation in Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PKKSSAAS), UPM. My sister was one of the fresh graduate. Even though i did not attend in the hall, but i could imagine the atmosphere while she was receiving her graduation certificate. Instead, both of my parents were invited into the hall. I am proud behalf of her, she was a first-class degree graduate, i consider her as the role model. However, i will not set any results to myselves to eliminate unwanted stress, pressure and psychosis that may bring negative effects on my study as well as growing process.

Secondly, on 23/10/2008, while i was revising for the next day exam at night, i received a call where i was shocked to read the number appeared. It was strange and long, for sure it was not local call. Before this, i only answered calls from Chinese, but they were prank or fraud calls with malicious motive. Once i picked up the phone and heard the caller's voice, i could never be wrong to identify him, he was Mr.Azrin, from UK. I am so grateful to receive his caring phone call, it spur my spirit especially during this crucial moment where i have my final exams. Thank you for your encouragement, i really appreciate it. I promise to make my best effort, let the results to speak for the rest.

p/s : i was disturbed by the blasting music generated around my room, luckily tomorrow is weekend, otherwise it will be terrible.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Responsibility and Partnership

On 14/10/2008, CCSE Clubs held a AGM along with a simple Jamuan Raya. I presented to the function upon invitation because lately i was about to cut down my daily expenses, practicing grass and dust eating days.

However, i was nominated for presidency during the club election. All in the sudden, i was not prepared to defend the post. To brief, i was not elected but a vice presidency was decorated to me. The responsibility, mission and duty were transported to me. A new, gigantic, and hardy challenge perhaps. I could not simply be inactive, i got to construct a potent bond with the committee, to popularize the club, and most importantly is to spur the interest of CCSE students to participate dynamically. We should awake from hibernation, this is the ground and platform for CCSE students to perform and boost the reputation of CCSE.

Affendi, the reigning president, the committee and i are going to work mutually in harmony to build a better future and provoke the latent potential of CCSE. Thankz to the support of my friends specially the person who nominated me by appreciation.

Please supervise me if i am heading to the wrong way, rectify me by guidance to fulfill the goals, vision and the duty requirement.

Your cooperation is much more desirable.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fever on Photography

On rare occasions, I have the scarce opportunity to capture the close up of a butterfly in my house. Photography seems to be another healthy entertainment to me where i take my initiative to learn the behavior of electronics devices (CMOS, CCD, TTL, ADC), software editing, (Photoshop, Ulead Macromedia Flash), and imaging skills(ISO, shutter speeds, aperture, focal length, and etc).

I have the great interest in photography, because camera is my eyes. I started my photography imaging since 2005 with a invest of RM1.5k on a first ever AF assist camera phone, SE K750i that is still working excellently to satisfy my minimum requirement. After a year of experience, i invested another RM1.5k on the body of a high end compact digital camera, modeled by Panasonic, FX01. To date, it services me with an approximate of 8000 shutters count within 2 years. However, in 2007, i found several restriction and limitation on it. It has been under functioning to meet my expectations. Thus, i need a better gadget to prolong my photography journey to amatuer level.

I have been glancing on DSLR camera since last year. Currently, i hope to own Canon EOS 40D/50D or Nikon D90/D300 with several expensive lens. I plan to get one as late by this semester break and hopefully this time i may get the green light from my beloved parents as well as the subsidy.

C&C are welcome for the above picture.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Halt derogation

I refer to the news from Malaysiakini entitle Furore over racist blog posting to mirror the stereotypical view is still prevalent after 51 years of independent. In my humble opinion, this incident is relatively as disappointed as the immigrant issue. Irrelevant to the race of person expressed such irresponsible comments, she is tertiary educated and just graduated in newly branded - the only APEX university.

There are many factors to be considered before finger pointing to the person who commit in petty crime. Furthermore, accusation should be regardless of races. Grudging apology is not the best solution to revert the utmost damage caused by malign remarks. They should be ceased after the incident of ahmad, but some people are inspired and they inherit the character of him.

This incident is not the tip of the iceberg, i believe it surrounding us daily. To play the role as a Malaysian, friend, family member, or otherwise, we should neither encourage nor tolerate this kind of event to savage our racial harmony that might lead to social unrest. Should we rectify the attitude of ourselves in advance, then we influence the others with great morality.

Personally, i was embarrassed triply, firstly as a Malaysian; secondly, as an identical community member; thirdly, as an alleged Mahasiswa.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tribute to En.Azrin Yang Garang

Dear my respected instructor :

I have been together with you for 3 semesters, and this may be the last semester to be with you i guess. Let me revise, in semester 1, you were responsible for ECC3101 C++ Programming, ECC3001 Engineering Maths I, while in the following semester was ECC3002 Engineering Maths II and now ECC3902 Seminar. I was learnt that, you are going abroad for your postgraduate study. Hereby, i would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best.

Unfortunately, your departure may put me abandoned. All this while, I only readily t0 bring subjective and debatable issues along with my personal views to you. It is noticeable that the trust of me towards you is staunch. Hence, your role is not merely to guide academically, but also psychologically. However, i may worry i have no other solution to get a good listener and a psychologist as the future is full of obstacles and challenges. I am easily demotivated by surroundings, therefore i assume you to be my mentor who is able to to encourage and spur my morale as well as cultivate my hidden talent which has never been discovered. I appreciate whatever contribution directed.

Thank you very much.

p/s: The field of your study is related to solar system? Could you please elaborate more in details?

Good luck,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Open Letter to ECC Department

There are a few concerns that i would like to propose in order to draw the attention to the whole department to improve the current grading system to be more enjoyable, student friendly, and less result oriented.

I have been staying with the department for 3 semesters, and to be sincere, all this while, i do not admire the system whereby it is stressful. For public information, in my previous second semester, courses that i prefer most were softball and handball, co-curriculum program where must be enrolled to fufill the conditions upon graduation. The reason is simple, because proper training is guided accordingly and adequate practice is conducted. My coach had never pressured us to play professionally especially we have no playing experience, instead commitment and contribution would be best enough.

I do not object to have tests as well as assignments compulsorily distributed, but the scheme should be refined to achieve the formerly goals. Current existing program promotes the better students to be the best while moderate students to be weak. From my personal observation, weaker students tend to keep silence while better students excessively raise themselves to lecturers. I would like to remind that, such situation may marginalized weak students further. My standpoint is lectuerers should neglect marvellous students and pay extra attention to weak students to achieve equilibrium. Like how Dr.Syamsiah did in ECC3201, she established an extra class to educate the needy students. If lecturers do not have much time on this, try to appoint some outstanding students to mandatory assist them. I believe with this solution, at least it encourages the students to take the responsibility to formally practice SCL effectively.

Besides that, marks are the biggest killer that spoil the meaning of education and hence retard the learning procedures. Marks may motivate students who able to pick up fast to drive forward, meanwhile it may discourage students who seriously encounter problems in studies. Undeniable, excessive of desperation to score high grade may lead to unhealthy growth and competition. To reduce or discontinue such woe from circulating among students, decent attitude should be emphasized specially when it comes to evaluation. Indeed, creativity and innovation is diverse on individual basis, but then merit only should be credited appropriately to those who possess them.

In addition, presentation test should be fostered where it involves group works. This method was firstly introduced in ECC3002 by Dr.Ing Fauzi. It helps to deliver knowledge better and make students to react spontaneously. Moreover, presentation tests cultivate the cooperative spirit among students which is essential in future workplace. However, imperfection takes place if the group presentation is dominated by certain people who hardly pass the chance to other members to involve themselves initiatively. This sickly incident must be prevented to disallow people to monopoly the whole presentation session. As a result, presentation test would be misused as the stage for individual advancement.

To conclude, study is not about results and grades, not to produce examination machines/robots but a person who can think independently and behave good moral values. Most significantly, the relish of human capital among students.

If any of you have different ideas, various thinking, i welcome you to invite me to discuss together. You may correct me too if i have wrongly expressed my view.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Recently there was many infelicitous incidents around, either political issues, economical miseries, natural disasters, or others have disappointed me. As a person who is very concern and do care of the development of the my country from time to time, i could not put my full attention in my academic when there are a few torments around.
Exams are around the corner, yet i do not prepare for them. Rather should i pretend to ignore the distraction for the sake to get a better focus in studies? Seriously, it is quite hard for me to do so, unless or otherwise, the situation tends to be stabilized or calmed within a short moment.
Clarification :
I am neutral and independent, i do not favour any sides, people might say i am a die-hard supporter of ABCs, but i do not have any relationships with them. I am clean and white.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Apex University - USM

APEX (accelerated programme for excellence) university or elite varsity is a plan to build a world-class institutions among Malaysian universities. The university that is branded APEX status is one that has the greatest potential to achieve the goal, and as such, would be given additional assistance in any form to improve vastly in order to compete with top ranked global institutions.

According to media massa, total of nine universities applied for apex status. They were International Islamic University Malaysia, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Universiti Tenaga Nasional while the top four local varsities; USM, UM, UKM and UPM, were short-listed.

Nevertheless, only USM has been granted apex status. Hereby, i hope UPM is spurred to be tagged as APEX university to strive for excellence.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

8284, 8255, Timing diagram, I/O

Useful lecture notes, download it and get the password from me via sms, email or otherwise.

Download point : here
password : get from me


Monday, September 1, 2008

Sad immigrant from no where else

Do you still remember the ‘Indian snake’ remark by Hamidah Osman in Perak state assembly? I watched this scene through live broadcast at in June 2008. I was shocked and disappointed after i found that the meaning was really offensive. and the recent racist remarks against Indian students by a teacher which then allegedly she deserved some kind of promotion or good treatment by being transferred to another school which happened to be near her home. Lately, head of Bukit Bendera Umno division, Datuk Ahmad Ismail said the Chinese were mere squatters or temporary residents (orang tumpangan) of the nation and therefore, it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races in the country.

My questions are
1. Why until now, there is no stern actions taken on these irresponsible persons?
2. Not even a rebuke from the corresponding party leadership. Are they actually encouraging more and more racist remarks to be made in our country?
3. Are they commited in sedition?
4. What is the role played by ISA?
5. Who is the one that need ISA, rakyat or government?
6. Recently ACA is surprisingly efficient then how about our law enforcement units?

Another thing is, i was enlightened that if you were to fill bangsa Malaysia in your govenmental application form, the possibility of getting rejected is rather high. If you doubt of it, please have a try, no harm, just time consuming, the worst is kena screwed by officials. Perhaps by 2020, only such noun is applicable.

Legal immigrant from no where else.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally, there is a reason to celebrate Merdeka

On Aug 26 2008, which is five days before 51th Merdeka, voters in Permatang Pauh showed up to vote for what they want, a multi-national party, a better Malaysia for themselves and their children. Result of the poll was walked away by Anwar with 31,195 votes, while Arif Shah with 15,524 and Hanafi with 92 respectively. Anwar recorded a bigger majority of 15,671 compared to his wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who won the seat with a 13,388 majority at the March 8 general election.

Earlier on, Tan Sri Khalid suggested to open 10% of quota in UiTM whereas Anwar roared "Ketuanan Rakyat" and supported the recent forum hold by Bar Council. However, their motive and intention are recognized by voters. This occurence might hint that rakyat is disappointed by the insensible petty action of certain party to dirty the picture of targeted individual and political party. Besides that rakyat is also fed up with the racial politics played to quarantine the harmonic co-operation between various of races.

We do not care black or white cat, as long as the cat can catch the mouse, then it is a good cat.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feeling of Warmness is Fainted

Life is not as ideal as you dream, if it is, human will not have sad expression. I started to encounter disappointment repeatedly once after i had completed my secondary education. Ambitiously, i wanted to enroll in accountancy studies at private college. However, it seemed to be a heavy burden to my family and thus, i gained none of the support from my family. There were many cases after that, but i do mind to elaborate in details.

Since then, my dream had to be forgotten, i have to carry on with something which i do not actually prefer. Meanwhile, my sister and brother earned full support from my parents on whatever they proposed. Such incident gave me a huge striked and my morale was sunk gradually. Situation tended to be worse when i irrationally ignored them to deliver my dissatisfaction. Intellectually, i knew my decision was harsh but i could not get myself out from desperation. I am from middle class of family, but then my demand was not excessively unreasonable. Same class of famly, but bias treatment.

My friends who are sensitive to surrounding will detect that despite i stay relatively near but i hardly go home even though i have spare times. My answer to them is because of inefficiency of public transport to shield the actual happening. In this coming weekend, i do not know where will i be...

Please advise.

Tearful Candle

Friday, August 22, 2008

To die with a good name

Adapted from The Star dated on 13/07/2008

Comment reserved until inspired by readers' comments

Ying and Yang @ MAHA 2008

Ying and Yang are described as the antitheses or mutual correlations in human perceptions of phenomena in the natural world, combining to create a unity of opposites in the theory of the Taiji.

I encountered a dreadful experience on 21/08/2008 during the journey returning to college with a bunch of friends by UPM bus from KTM serdang. When we were on board, my friend discovered that the route of the bus was not in the direction to our destination. Swiftly, i politely requested the driver to send us back. The route travelled from UPM to Juta Mines will bypass our college. However the driver refused to stop at our destination. The reason was simply because we were not international students hence we were not subjected to be serviced. Since i do not understand much about the policy set by the administration, hence i could not argue much on this. What did frustrate me was the attitude expressed by the boorish driver. Rudely, he told me he was not going to stop at the station as i demanded and ordered me to take a seat. Apparently, he disliked my disturbance, but his uncivilized attitute irritated me. I would not mind on his rejection, but i do care the unfriendly respond showed by him. If the authority of MAHA was to provid the free bus shutter service as advertised in newspaper which was including UPM parking and availability of every 15 mins, i guess everyone will have a very enjoyable day.

Sarcastically, on the same day and at the same location, our prime minister was not at all pleased with the services of one of the public transport, which was commuter. We spent 2 hours 30 mins to reach at college where suppose only 15 mins of drive was needed. Kudos to MAHA.

Nevertheless, i was consoled by the generosity of officers from transport department and bus drivers of K10/K11. Without their assistance, i would fail to arrange the one way transportation to MAHA. Just a day before the departure, i went to Gazebo to apply orally for a bus. Even though my demand troubled the offcer, but still he was helping me to get one. Whereas the bus driver gave me the contact number of that particular officer to follow up my application. So far, my experience on dealing with pusat koko, unit kenderaan and pejabat KMR, were quite positive.

I apologize for any inconveniences caused throughout the event.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Factory Visit @ Proton, Tg Malim

It has been a wonderful day when I was given a chance to visit Proton factory located in Tg Malim,Perak. Although the trip was organized for Mechanical student in advance, but as a student from CCSE, I should be thankful for given a chance to join. Along the side, there was another two of my fellow friends who were going together, they were WWX and Nizam, the person incharge of the program.

Before going to factory visit, a brief seminar was conducted in a hall and a set of lunch was prepared. The seminar was informative and it provided a slight background of car manufacturing details and history of Proton. A slide of broadcast amused me whereby the first person who owned Proton Saga was a chinese. His feeling of being first person to have the national made car and impression towards it were advertised in the screen. Furthermore, former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir praised for his patriotism because he booked the car several months before the official launch.

In the factory, the manufacturing was divided in to four stages, which were stamping, body assembling, painting, and trimming & final. Stamping was the process where components of the car was built, such as door, bonnet, roof, body structure, and etc. Then, the next operation was body assembly. I was told that nearly all the works were automated by robots and only rarely of man power was needed. Looking at those robots and huge machines, i was so enlightened by the advance techonologies used to produce a local car. The job of technician is not easy, besides inspections, they have to stand by in case emergency happens unexpectedly such as the failure of robots. If this happens, then the manufacturing engineers have to solve the problem asap to avoid the production schedule to mess up. Possibly, they have the mission impossible to overcome the problem within the same line when it occured. If they were to drag it to another production line, it will certainly be a woe to the factory. So, their responsibility and reliability must be relatively consistent to minimize the trouble that might lead to disaster.

Astonishingly, four different types of car model which were Gen2, Persona, Savvy and Satria Neo shared the only path in the factory. This showed a high efficiency of the work where robots and machines were able to sense them seperately to weld and assemble car accordingly. In every working hour, they have to produce 33 cars to satisfy the demand of the market. If they fails to achieve the target, OT is unavioded. Due to certain factors that could result the quality of car painting and safety of the visitor, we were not brought to painting site.

When we reached the trim and final section, i saw many close to completion car around. Workers were busy assembling engines, car lamps, seats, accessories and etc. while some were busy testing and inspecting the car to avoid defection. At one glance, there was a few special edition of Persona but in Lotus logo, they were called EuroStar. They were left-handed and only available in overseas.

Throughout the factory visit, my mind was broadened further, the experience i gained is valuable. I wish Proton is able to find a proper partnership which can promote them internationally to exploit global market so as to be less dependent on government.

My next trip is MAHA 2008, on thursday and I will have another two visits in next week.
Please stay tune.

p/s : Photo is not allowed to be taken during the site visit, but i have only several group photograph taken, only post it upon request.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Despo and Fascist

To whom it may concern,

The defination of despo is someone who is desperate for anything. They will hang around waiting for something to happen or are just really annoying [1]. While fascist refers to people who grouped according to their several interests, individuals form classes; they form trade-unions when organized according to their several economic activities; but first and foremost they form the State, which is no mere matter of numbers, the suns of the individuals forming the majority. Fascism is therefore opposed to that form of democracy which equates a nation to the majority, lowering it to the level of the largest number [2].

Everytime when there is assignment or group work appointed, please do not be amazed anymore to see people who always stick togather eternally and forever. Is this what we call harmonic integration? Is this the unique culture of Malaysia? or is it Kiasu [3] and Kiasi [4] mentality own by mahasiswa? Perhaps result of As could help them to answer me better? Undeniable those who practice it are third world minded or they consider living in ‘Jurassic Park’ or ‘Lost World’ of this globalised age? Undoubtfully Malaysia has a many iconic first world infrastructures. For instance, SMART Tunnel, Petronas Twins Tower, KL Tower, Sepang F1 Circuit, Sepang KLIA, Stadium Bukit Jalil, Penang Second bridge (maybe) and etc as external apperance, (pakaian luaran) to show to the global how smart we are. Such circumstances provided a significant contrast and they are the eye sore to me. I feel shame, I wanted to propose it, but I am afraid of being misunderstood.

Micheal Schumacher won 7-times F1 world championships in his outstanding carrer, but do you think he did it by his own effort and ability without the assistance from multinational engineers? Indeed, none of the individual in this world can succeed without the support and team work from various party. Seperti kata pepatah, bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh.

[1] - Meaning of despo
[2] - Defination of fascist [label 17]
[3] - Meaning of Kiasu
[4] - Meaning of Kiasi


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lost The Race But Won The Sportsmanship

Lin Dan won the gold medal in Olympic badminton men single by beating Malaysia national top player 21-12, 21-8 easily. However, if you watched the semi final match between Lin Dan vs Chen Jin, both from Republic of China, then you could see a huge different. They did not perform usually but more than pretending to play in a game. I would not be surprise to see world No.1 to walkover from the match when a baton was there to instruct them playing accordingly and correspondingly. Winner of the match was earlier decided by their coach i believe, and might well to reserve energy for the winner. Good strategies and tactics used but they made the audience disappointed to pay for a dull game.

Even though Lee Chong Wei lost clumsily, but he proudly won the sportsmanship. Before the final match, he was already a true champion in my bottom of heart. Result does not bring anything meaning if someone failed to understand, appreicate and pratice good values. In addition, the spirit exhibited is the most symbolic and idicative sign of a true winner.

I am extremely happy and delighted to see whole nation were gathering in mamak stall or in front of the TV and togather we shouted oursupport to Malaysia player for making his apperance in international stage. Well done, and Congratulation for contributing a sliver medal to Malaysia. Despite he had his one million ringgit incentive flying away, but he was awarded with good name.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Racial Harmony

Look at the way Lee Chong Wei (Badminton player) hugs Misbun Sidek (Coach). They are the best evidence to show how united Malaysia is. When i saw these screens, my heart dissolves into liquid.. Besides this, after his semi final victory, he kisses Malaysia logo on his shirt twicely.. I wish the whole nation are inspired by the above pictures and thus fling down all the racist remarks and togather we conquer the conflicts.

However, there are a bunch of people who are still living in Paleolithic Age whereby they are still playing racial politics to split up the nation from Integration. I would still remember clearly, some politicians said Chinese do not love their own country while MP from Pasir Salak labelled non-Malays are descendants of immigrants to Malaysia. I hope the above pictures proved them wrong certainly.

Back to current issues, within a week, two incidents displayed the ugly disappointment and ironically Independent Day is in fortnight. These incidents are the protest against forum organized by Bar Council and suggestion to open 10% quota to non-bumiputera in UiTM.

I am proud to be a permanent resident in Selangor specially when Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim sworn in as Menteri Besar and formed a pact state government. There are alot of rakyat favorable policies have been produced by the new state goverment and hence i see the bright future of tomorrow. Unfortunately, his suggestion on certain issue rises the anger of students and successive rally were held. Situation tends to be worsen when he is accused to betray his own race by irresponsible parties.

My questions are, are we going to keep in the same track for another upcoming 50 years? Is Wawasan 2020 realizable?

I wish i could write and comment more, but i am afraid of ISA and AKU, but one thing to be sure, I show my complete focus, concern and interest on my beloved country, do you?


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Education lost its meaning

This interesting editorial is adapted from The Star on 14/08/2008.

Honestly speaking, i do not like any form of examination neither from UPSR to STPM nor the ISO-nized examination system in UPM. When i was doing my SCL survey, one of the respondent stated that SCL implementation should allow students to study the subjects or courses which they prefer to instead of fixing all the syllabus. I agree entirely, because interest plays an very important role to succeed, without interest, it just like forcing a person to be your couple, even though if it is successful, but without a key element, that is happiness. To sum up, the relationship will not last forever, or only temporary sustainable.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MAHA 2008

MAHA 2008
12th -23rd August 2008
10.00am - 7.00pm
It is the largest agricultural exhibition in South East Asia. For those who are interested to join, please suggest the date and time, transport is by FREE shuttle bus at UPM parking.
Please leave your comment and suggestion in comment box.
Thankz you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Best Wish to Luqman

Recently there are many sad news around. Today i was stunned when Luqman visited me in my room. He told me he had dropped ECC3105 Microprocessor due to some reasons. I am very sad to hear this, because i will have lesser time to meet him. He is one of the nice person that i spotted since the beginning. He always approaches me in friendly way, greet me politely, and we joke around. Maybe he is struggling to cope with his academic misery, but mentally and physically he is very fit. Hereby, I wish him all the best among the best, you impressed me alot.

Proceed to other scope, in my point of view, academic achivements is important, nevertheless rational, analytic, and intellectual thinking or mindset give better and significant value to a person. Because of this, I would never ask how much someone has contributed to me, but in a opposite way, I would question myself how much i have contributed to them. So is the person who casts the ballot to agree Dr.Ing Fauzi deserves to be complained is the same person who lodged a complain report to Timbalan Dekan ? Bah kata pepatah, Siapa Makan Cilis, Dia Rasa Pedas.

p/s : Do not find your seat according to the number, I am against the issue, not the person.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Sorrow to Dr.Ing Fauzi

On last wednesday (13/08/08), while on the way back with Ming Yaw and companies, i met Dr.Ing. I greeted him and started our conversation. I asked him what subjects he was teaching at this moment, but in shock he replied that he was not teaching anything, and said that because of us...

Apparently, he was in sad mood, because he was asked and questioned to explain regarding to a report lodged against him. Expressed in a gloomy way, he urged us to "smack" the person who should be responsible of making such report. He added that we complained tutorial was hard but when final was easy, no one gave him credits. At last, he shook our hands friendly....

Throughtout the conversation, my heart was melted same as my friends who were aside..This is because i do not think he did anything wrong even though i found it difficult to understand in his lecture. In contrast, I enjoyed the process and progress because I like group discussion. He was doing his work well, i give him thumbs up for his contribution to me.

Please stop complaining about lecturers, we do not have any qualification to do so. Do measure ourself before taking any actions. If you encounter any problems, please refer to them or our coursemates, we would be readily to show our hand.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Microprocessor Test 1

This is the advice i get from Prof. Madya Dr. Aznan regarding what to study, but DO NOT expect 100% coming out, just study in case. Please do not blame me if the content of test 1 is totally different, take this at your own risk.

Also remember to polish programming skill, it may be tested too. Please invite your friends to this blog, we prefer to have discussion.

please appreciate my contribution.


Ebook for Assembly Language

1. PC Assembly Language Click Here (Credit to Candle) 09/08/2008
2. Interrupt List Click Here (Credit to Candle) 09/08/2008
3. 8086 & 8088 Architecture Click Here (Credit to Candle) 10/08/2008

*Will update from time to time.
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MASM32 v8

This is the latest version of MASM32 that i found recently, please try it out, it is cooler than the older version installed in your PC.

I am pleased to welcome anyone to share whatever relevant information for sem 3 08/09.
Credits, merits and respect will be given.

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Here is the download link :
password : candlemyc

Credit to Candle