Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tribute to En.Azrin Yang Garang

Dear my respected instructor :

I have been together with you for 3 semesters, and this may be the last semester to be with you i guess. Let me revise, in semester 1, you were responsible for ECC3101 C++ Programming, ECC3001 Engineering Maths I, while in the following semester was ECC3002 Engineering Maths II and now ECC3902 Seminar. I was learnt that, you are going abroad for your postgraduate study. Hereby, i would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best.

Unfortunately, your departure may put me abandoned. All this while, I only readily t0 bring subjective and debatable issues along with my personal views to you. It is noticeable that the trust of me towards you is staunch. Hence, your role is not merely to guide academically, but also psychologically. However, i may worry i have no other solution to get a good listener and a psychologist as the future is full of obstacles and challenges. I am easily demotivated by surroundings, therefore i assume you to be my mentor who is able to to encourage and spur my morale as well as cultivate my hidden talent which has never been discovered. I appreciate whatever contribution directed.

Thank you very much.

p/s: The field of your study is related to solar system? Could you please elaborate more in details?

Good luck,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Open Letter to ECC Department

There are a few concerns that i would like to propose in order to draw the attention to the whole department to improve the current grading system to be more enjoyable, student friendly, and less result oriented.

I have been staying with the department for 3 semesters, and to be sincere, all this while, i do not admire the system whereby it is stressful. For public information, in my previous second semester, courses that i prefer most were softball and handball, co-curriculum program where must be enrolled to fufill the conditions upon graduation. The reason is simple, because proper training is guided accordingly and adequate practice is conducted. My coach had never pressured us to play professionally especially we have no playing experience, instead commitment and contribution would be best enough.

I do not object to have tests as well as assignments compulsorily distributed, but the scheme should be refined to achieve the formerly goals. Current existing program promotes the better students to be the best while moderate students to be weak. From my personal observation, weaker students tend to keep silence while better students excessively raise themselves to lecturers. I would like to remind that, such situation may marginalized weak students further. My standpoint is lectuerers should neglect marvellous students and pay extra attention to weak students to achieve equilibrium. Like how Dr.Syamsiah did in ECC3201, she established an extra class to educate the needy students. If lecturers do not have much time on this, try to appoint some outstanding students to mandatory assist them. I believe with this solution, at least it encourages the students to take the responsibility to formally practice SCL effectively.

Besides that, marks are the biggest killer that spoil the meaning of education and hence retard the learning procedures. Marks may motivate students who able to pick up fast to drive forward, meanwhile it may discourage students who seriously encounter problems in studies. Undeniable, excessive of desperation to score high grade may lead to unhealthy growth and competition. To reduce or discontinue such woe from circulating among students, decent attitude should be emphasized specially when it comes to evaluation. Indeed, creativity and innovation is diverse on individual basis, but then merit only should be credited appropriately to those who possess them.

In addition, presentation test should be fostered where it involves group works. This method was firstly introduced in ECC3002 by Dr.Ing Fauzi. It helps to deliver knowledge better and make students to react spontaneously. Moreover, presentation tests cultivate the cooperative spirit among students which is essential in future workplace. However, imperfection takes place if the group presentation is dominated by certain people who hardly pass the chance to other members to involve themselves initiatively. This sickly incident must be prevented to disallow people to monopoly the whole presentation session. As a result, presentation test would be misused as the stage for individual advancement.

To conclude, study is not about results and grades, not to produce examination machines/robots but a person who can think independently and behave good moral values. Most significantly, the relish of human capital among students.

If any of you have different ideas, various thinking, i welcome you to invite me to discuss together. You may correct me too if i have wrongly expressed my view.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Recently there was many infelicitous incidents around, either political issues, economical miseries, natural disasters, or others have disappointed me. As a person who is very concern and do care of the development of the my country from time to time, i could not put my full attention in my academic when there are a few torments around.
Exams are around the corner, yet i do not prepare for them. Rather should i pretend to ignore the distraction for the sake to get a better focus in studies? Seriously, it is quite hard for me to do so, unless or otherwise, the situation tends to be stabilized or calmed within a short moment.
Clarification :
I am neutral and independent, i do not favour any sides, people might say i am a die-hard supporter of ABCs, but i do not have any relationships with them. I am clean and white.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Apex University - USM

APEX (accelerated programme for excellence) university or elite varsity is a plan to build a world-class institutions among Malaysian universities. The university that is branded APEX status is one that has the greatest potential to achieve the goal, and as such, would be given additional assistance in any form to improve vastly in order to compete with top ranked global institutions.

According to media massa, total of nine universities applied for apex status. They were International Islamic University Malaysia, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Universiti Tenaga Nasional while the top four local varsities; USM, UM, UKM and UPM, were short-listed.

Nevertheless, only USM has been granted apex status. Hereby, i hope UPM is spurred to be tagged as APEX university to strive for excellence.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

8284, 8255, Timing diagram, I/O

Useful lecture notes, download it and get the password from me via sms, email or otherwise.

Download point : here
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sad immigrant from no where else

Do you still remember the ‘Indian snake’ remark by Hamidah Osman in Perak state assembly? I watched this scene through live broadcast at in June 2008. I was shocked and disappointed after i found that the meaning was really offensive. and the recent racist remarks against Indian students by a teacher which then allegedly she deserved some kind of promotion or good treatment by being transferred to another school which happened to be near her home. Lately, head of Bukit Bendera Umno division, Datuk Ahmad Ismail said the Chinese were mere squatters or temporary residents (orang tumpangan) of the nation and therefore, it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races in the country.

My questions are
1. Why until now, there is no stern actions taken on these irresponsible persons?
2. Not even a rebuke from the corresponding party leadership. Are they actually encouraging more and more racist remarks to be made in our country?
3. Are they commited in sedition?
4. What is the role played by ISA?
5. Who is the one that need ISA, rakyat or government?
6. Recently ACA is surprisingly efficient then how about our law enforcement units?

Another thing is, i was enlightened that if you were to fill bangsa Malaysia in your govenmental application form, the possibility of getting rejected is rather high. If you doubt of it, please have a try, no harm, just time consuming, the worst is kena screwed by officials. Perhaps by 2020, only such noun is applicable.

Legal immigrant from no where else.