Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moving to 4th Week

The Globe is revolving fast, everyone is marching ahead, or some may passionately run. They are the person who are fast in every way. They adapt to the environment or climatical changes, not the latter adapt to them. But, how about those who are lagging behind? In fact, i am a lagger, struggling hard to explore the right moment to sprint, but when does it arrive?

Semester 4 is too heavy, 20 credits to cope with, only free on weekend. I have no rage to complain about, it is my decision to overload the credit hours. But how to maintain or keep the thing inside your pocket? I can not lock it with steel-chain, can i? I remember a saying that sounds as "You pay peanuts, you get monkey" which means what you pay is what you get. So, is it possible to have two spring season in a year?

One more thing to consider, will i be offerred to stay in college? There are too many questions, but i believe when the boat approaches to the port, the bridge is straight.


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