Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Falling to the Dark Side

Start up

After 6 weeks of enough reading reviews, fed up asking users opinion, and testing the camera in several shops, eventually, I broke my misery to choose either Canon 40d or Nikon d90 as my first start up into photography while in the future, as an investment.

Photography is an expensive hobby, if you pay peanuts, you get monkey. Luxury gadgets produce perfect optic quality and high satisfaction to user while moderate apparatus could only yield so so output, but best enough for beginner like me.

After spending one day playing with the body, i found that it is not easy to control the setting, i upgraded from pns camera to dslr camera. In pns camera, photo is captured by the aid of 2.5 inch LCD screen and without chances to use OVF (optical view finder). But now, i must depend on OVF to shoot photo, what i see is what i get. However, the colour, the brightness, the exposure, are not obvious, they are very much dependent to the setting such as shutter speed, aperture, white balance, iso and other factors. If i were to use live view on the camera, it responds much slower than a pns camera in terms of AF. To short, live view function is not practical for shooting moving objects and i only use it for HD 720p movie recording only.

There are many differences to get used to. For instance, the huge size of the body, the weigh of the body, the inconvenience to change lenses when shooting is in process, the tendency to be poisioned to upgrade for better body or lenses that lead to dust and grass eating days (bubur is expensive nowadays). I was advised not to use auto mode to shoot unless i want to throw money into sea by learning nothing besides to be lazy. As a beginner, i started to use P mode (programmed mode, only shutter and aperture is auto controlled, other is decided by user), soon i found that i have much to discover.

I never regret of getting poisioned, because i take it as an investment. Thankz to my father who is so generous to sponsor me finally, after i had nagging hard for past few weeks, otherwise i will not have the opportunity to play with it.

My wish list (updated on 14/12/2008) :
1. Bag that fit my camera and laptop (within 3 days)
2. speedlite sb-900 (before going back to collage)
3. 70-300mm vr, 50mm F1.8 (before cny)
4. cny clothing (if only anyone sponsor me)
5. visit to NZX, ara damansara
6. More to come, more to discocver, more to zoom


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