Light of Candle

Light of Candle

Monday, December 1, 2008

Smile of the Universe

The night is outshone by a smile, but the world is not peaceful. Terrorism in Mumbai, India is the newest attack massacred almost 170 of lives.

Meanwhile, the unrest in Bangkok, Thailand is another tragedy that
attracted the concern worldwide.

Demonstrators of anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has occupied the Suvarnabhumi airport for 5 days. The consequence is huge and the loss is incalculable, causing instability to the country.

However, situation is worsened when pro-government demonstrators were also on street to show their support. Furthermore, on 30th nov 2008, 51 anti-government protesters were wounded in several explosions.

In view of these chaos, i am so grateful to see the smile of the universe, once in a blue moon. The journey ahead is unpredictable and cloudly.

Tomorrow is mysterious.


hoayan said...

lol.. i thought u were just 'cui sui - ing ' of the smiley stars :p nice picture! =)

Lion said...

Be thankful that Malaysia is peaceful in the sense that we are terror free...